Pedro Point Headlands Restoration & Stewardship

Getting to Know the Headlands

Highlights of activities and the amazing natural resources at the Headlands

Poison Oak: Part of the Headlands Ecosystem

Heavy winter rains have brought us a beautiful wild flower season, but also created an epic year for posion oak, known to botanists as Toxicodendron diversilobum. Poison oak is more robust and healthy this year at the Pedro Point Headlands because the wet winter...

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood!  The San Francisco dusky-footed woodrat neighborhood, that is. Also called “packrats”, these rodents are actually more closely related to hamsters, voles, and lemmings than to European rats. Woodrats prefer to live alone, except during...

A Kiosk is Born

A new kiosk has been installed at the trail head of the South Ridge Trail. Please refer to the kiosk for project updates and information on trail closures.  Special thanks to San Mateo County Parks for building the kiosk, Stephen Johnson for design of the signage, and...

Don’t Be Blue: Meet Acmon Blue

Good news for Pedro Point Headlands! The PPH Restoration and Trail Improvement Project received the whole-hearted support of the San Mateo County Planning Commission. In the words of one commissioner, “Kudos to the people with the vision to protect and restore this...

Fall in Love with Lichen

The Story of Lichen One day Alice Alga met Freddie Fungus.  They took a “liken” to each other and decided to get married.  Alice cooked the food and Freddie built the house.  And now, after so many years together, their marriage is on the rocks and trees...
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